The Graduation Plays is a trilogy of plays that examine the complex relationship between power and authority in high school settings. For the playwright Rob Kempson, these pieces are about the difference between public and private selves, the challenges faced by queer students and teachers in a system that sometimes fails to recognize them, and the multifaceted relationships between students and teachers.

Although Shannon 10:40, Mockingbird, and Trigonometry are part of The Graduation Plays, they are each stand alone plays and experienced separately.


Shannon is mad. Mr. Fisher is in trouble. And more people see the video every day. SHANNON 10:40 is about finding one’s place in the world, making a statement, and dealing with the consequences. It’s a dance around power and authority in an archaic public school system. There are no easy answers and no easy outs.


When we first meet the English Department of Finch Park Collegiate, rumours are flying about a teacher-student relationship. Two days later, Mr. Foster has been removed from the school. With an 11-person ensemble and razor-sharp dialogue, a group of teachers cast judgement on one another, make their way through difficult choices, and share their often conflicting worldviews. Mockingbird reveals what happens when innocence meets authority, and explores the grey area between right and wrong. Mockingbird received its World Premiere at the 2016 Next Stage Theatre Festival playing to packed houses, and unanimous acclaim. It broke box office records as the highest revenue generating show in the festival’s history.


Gabriella wants action. Jackson wants a scholarship. Susan wants a family. In this new play by Rob Kempson, three disparate people find themselves bound together by desire, destiny, and a few scandalous photos. Trigonometry is about how far we go to get what we want: what we do to survive.